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Pastor's Column 6/12/22


“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3, NLT

“What Are We Doing To Our Children!”

It seems the average American has either forgotten; or worse, has chosen not to emphasize, that the Second Sunday in June has long been regarded as Children’s Day. This unwitting or willful omission resonates with the treatment of children in this the third decade of our present Century, 2000. The idea for Children’s Day in the United States had its origin in New England. In 1856, the Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard of the Redeemer Church in Chelsea, Massachusetts, established a National Children’s Day. He felt strongly about the care, growth, and protection of children. The day, he felt, should be set aside for the baptism or dedication of children. For many decades this was the case; however, today the worth of children has been woefully diminished. The recent years and months, where there has been an indiscriminate slaughter of children in schools, sidewalks, front steps, and bedrooms, underscore this horrific shame and tragedy. Recently, the Boston Globe printed a copy of a controversial flyer that is being placed before the public, in support of common-sense restrictions on weapons. The photo to the left shows a deer. The caption reads: “You need a license to kill these.” This was a partial photo of the ad; for it also displayed a hog and a duck. The contrast photo to the right showed a beautiful young child. The caption read: “Not one of these.” The point of this group’s campaign is obvious. Our society has more measures to protect animals than we do children. How shameful! The scriptures are emphatic when speaking of the value of children: “They are a gift from the Lord and a reward from Him.” No society or civilization can long endure, if it

fails to protect and provide for its children. Over the past several years, Americans have spent over $ 72 billion annually on animal care and protection. Our government leaders refuse to spend one penny to protect children from assault weapons-ownership, by non-military or non- law enforcement personnel. God save our precious gifts!

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