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Pastor's Column 2/26/2023


“They are like trees planted along a river bank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8, NLT

1st Sunday In Lent - "Digging Deep!”

The greatness of a tree is in the depths of its roots. Some years ago, we had some healthy plants that grew along the northside of our driveway. The leaves were lush and green, but they became a great nuisance; or so, I thought. The leaves attracted flies and other tiny, winged insects, that were an annoyance to anyone who had to walk pass the plants. After a fruitless effort at using different “safe” herbicides; in desperation, I took a shovel and decided to uproot the aggravating plants. I made sure I pulled the elongated roots from out of the soil, and was satisfied that I would never see those plants again. A year passed and I was much relieved. Some days later, I saw what I thought were tiny blades having emerged out of the ground. After several weeks, the plants had returned. I couldn’t believe what I saw. In talking to a manager at a hardware store; he told me, “You probably didn’t remove the tap root.” He said that root was embedded deeper into the soil. “If that root isn’t destroyed, life will always find a way of returning.” I learned an invaluable lesson! During the Christian days of Lent, each of us should find ways of “digging deeper” into the eternal wisdom of God’s word. The roots of our faith conviction, will deepen when we find moments each day to be nourished and strengthened by the presence of Christ, whose Spirit, is deep within us. Jesus Christ is our tap root. Because He is Life, and present in our hearts, life and hope cannot be destroyed. Jeremiah said of Israel, despite the vagaries of oppression and exile; the people’s allegiance to a Sovereign God would guarantee them life and liberation. The tap root of our faith, has sustained those of us who are children of the African diaspora, and many others. This is so, wherever we have called home. Dig deep into your faith; heritage, and history. The tap root is there, producing life!

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