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Pastor's Column 10/2/22


“And He said to them, “This is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and His people. It is poured out as a sacrifice for many… Then they sang a hymn and went out to the Mount of Olives.” Mark 14:24;26, NLT

“Having A Song!”

As we enter the official autumn/fall season it is filled with meaning for renewal and self-examination. This time of the year coincides with a period of self-reflection; followed by a fresh start by our Jewish friends. We mention this, because Jesus who was born into a Jewish heritage and culture, observed those sacred times, and brought a deeper meaning to them for salvation. An instance of this, is when Jesus sat in the traditional circle with His disciples prior to the journey toward His redemptive death and resurrection. Although it was the Spring of the year and during the seder meal of the Passover; Jesus used the occasion to inaugurate a “New Covenant” with His disciples, and all who would come to believe in Him. That moment would ultimately be the “beginning” of a new life, typified in the blood shed by Jesus on our behalf. When we celebrate the Lord’s Table, it is the “common thread” that holds together the rich fabric of our faith. It is a common-union that all Christians share; thus, we observe a Holy Communion. The Fall of the year is designated as the “beginning” of the Christian calendar. We too, see it as a time of “self-reflection” and “renewal.” The first Sunday in October is Global Communion Sunday: a world-wide affirmation of our faith in Jesus and life through His blood, shared with our Christian siblings everywhere of all backgrounds and languages. It is of note, that the disciples were in a crisis-mode at the first Communion. It had been prophesied that most of them would temporarily “scatter” out of fear and consternation (cf. Zechariah 13:7, NLT). However, the parting words in the Gospels were that they left, singing a hymn. It was likely a joyous one. In our bleakest times; a song can, even for a moment, soothe our restless souls.

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