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Pastor's Column 10/16/22


“Do everything without complaining and arguing.” Philippians 2:14, NLT

“Avoiding An Unfulfilled Life!

Philippians 2:14 is one of the shortest verses in the Bible. A seminary professor once told me, “God does not have to take a long time to say what needs to be said.” This is true, as God speaks through the letter of the Apostle Paul to the Christians in the ancient city of Philippi. This strategic city afforded its residents with many conveniences and advantages; yet, people were often agitated with something, or each other. Sadly, this unhealthy atmosphere made its way among believers in, and outside of, their Christian fellowships. How often do we take for granted the blessings we have. It seems, the more people have; the likely they are to feel “entitled,” to more. In a short, pithy verse, we are told to engage in every endeavor; and approach every concern, without resorting to incessant complaining and arguing. During the height of the great health pandemic that paralyzed much of the world, I was dismayed to hear incessant complaints and criticism of health officials, who were working feverishly to make a safe vaccine available to the public. People protested mandates. However, several years before Covid-19, temperature checks of all passengers entering the country from abroad, were mandated at New York airports and in other cities. A new virus called Ebola, threatened public health. Hardly anyone complained! Paul’s missive to Christians begins with a direct command in the Greek: “Do everything to avoid complaining and arguing.” I Cor. 11:18;30 infers that such contrary behavior will diminish life. We are told by the health community, “stress” is among the major causes of death in America. Unnecessary complaining and a confrontational spirit, can lead to a much-shortened life. Our lives are too precious to be unfulfilled! God has caused us to live a peaceable life; one in which we seek God’s wisdom in making sound decisions. Life’s highway is filled with road-rage, but our journey should be in faith!

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