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Pastor's Column 7/3/22


“But we are descendants of Abraham,” they said. “We have never been slaves to anyone. What do you mean you will be set free?” “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:33; 36, NLT

“What It Means To Truly Be Free!”

Human freedom can be illusive. This is in large part because there is no authentic freedom that does not involve being able to think and act for ourselves. The ability to cause just things to happen without reprisal, but with respect, is freedom. Sadly, society has deprived a large segment of God’s people, three-fifths of the world’s population, the opportunity to experience true freedom. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Christian refugee and philosopher said, “Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains.” This is similar to what Jesus said t0 some of the religious people who boasted incessantly about their freedom. Jesus candidly told them they were not free. The Jews thought their religious heritage automatically gave them privileges that positioned them above other groups. Jesus said in effect, this is not freedom, but bondage. It would be when they came to understand and accept the teachings of Jesus that they would truly be free. Jesus said, “…Remain faithful to my teachings… You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Some groups who relish the freedom they believe they are entitled to, will see it decimated to the ash heaps of history. Amos the great prophet of the 8th Century B. C., warned the entitled and privileged people of the demise of their freedom, as a result of their profligate living at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised: “My people have forgotten how to do right,” says the Lord. “Their fortresses are filled with wealth taken by theft and violence. “(Cf. Amos 3:10, NLT). I am certain that when Amos and his contemporaries in the 8th Century B.C; and Jesus in His day, warned people, they wanted to liberate them from the bondage of self-indulgence, bias, and false superiority. Fredrick Douglas, a great statesman and Christian, refused to participate in the July 4th celebrations. American then, and now, must atone for its deadly sins!

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