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Pastor's Column 11/8/20


“But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 24:13, NLT

2nd Sunday- “It Is The End That Counts!

One of my favorite fables is the iconic race between the tortoise and the hare. The hare with its extended legs, quick wit, and penchant for short-cuts was the likely favorite in the race. Besides the hare who was the elite member of the rabbit-type family, had a charm offensive that impressed many, but it repelled others. The tortoise was not as attractive, or so onlookers thought. The tortoise had a hard shell, and was closer to the ground, moving much slower than the hare, but steadily. The hare took off quickly, and maintained a gallant speed most of the race. As time transpired, the hare began to slow down. Some maintain, because of his cavalier attitude and poor strategy, he pushed himself to the limits. Exhaustion and fatigue seized the hare and he couldn’t go any farther. The tortoise, often the brunt of verbal attacks by the hare, was much wiser. He moved at a pace that was steady and strident. He wisely surveyed the route of the race, because he was closer to the ground. In the end, the tortoise prevailed. He crossed the finish line, stronger and wiser, and received the coveted laurel reef. One observer thought, it was both the endurance and the character of the tortoise that brought him safely across the finish line. In 1976. I met a man, for whom a reception had been given at the Alumni Office at a University where I was employed. I was impressed with what occurred to me was a young man with a solid character. He was the sixth youngest person ever elected to the U.S. Senate, when he was elected 4 years earlier. He won a second term to the senate the year I saw him, and he contributed much to his constituents in Delaware and the world. He endured triumph and tragedy, but he always rebounded. I also observed that his faith in Jesus Christ never waved. Jesus said it is those who “endure to the end” who will be saved!

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