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Pastor's Column 9/11/22


“When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds. And I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures.”

Genesis 9:14-15, NLT

“Piercing The Clouds!”

On the late afternoon of September 8, 2022, hundreds stood and moved somberly outside of Buckingham Palace in London, upon receiving the official news that their beloved Queen, Her Majesty Elizabeth, II had died. This historic moment was made more somber by the fact that most of the day, dark clouds hung over London, an intermittent rain pelted the iconic city. The rain and gloomy weather were not unusual for London; but something else happened in the late afternoon. A prominent rainbow appeared across the sky and pierced the ominous clouds. It was as though, a nation and world in mourning was being reminded that as foreboding as death is; there is the promise of life and hope beyond the moment. The Queen lived a full and wonderful life, some 96 years! She served as monarch for the nations and territories of the British Commonwealth for over 70 years.

She provided counsel to prime ministers; popes; presidents; and was endeared by people of all walks of life. But, as the Apostle Paul reminds us, “Death is the last enemy.” A committed Christian, I am sure Her Majesty was confident in both her mortality and she spoke of the certainty of eternal life. Our lives, like that of Noah and his family, are jettisoned against winds and rains. Along with sunny days and clear skies, we will be confronted by ominous clouds. God’s covenant, is that He will send a rainbow to remind us of His grace and mercy. The rainbow of promise appears “in” the clouds! God is with us regardless of how desolate the place is, we find ourselves. It was some 12 and a half months after the great flood and dark clouds, that held Noah and his family captive; dry ground appeared. Piercing through the dark clouds, was a symbol of God’s great promise: the rainbow. As we journey on in life, may we see such symbols; but most of all, experience the sufficiency of our God’s grace!

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