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Pastor's Column 2/4/2024


“Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathaniel. “Can any good come from Nazareth?” Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied.” John 1:46, NLT

“Someone Better Than Good!”

There is no doubt, that the human mind makes sharp distinctions between likes and dislikes. On the surface, this is not all bad, for how else would we have a discerning mind when it comes to making the right choices. Always we must give careful consideration in identifying what is good from what is undesirable. This is especially important in making moral judgments; and in arriving at mature ethical insights. Perhaps this is why Jesus said it is impossible to serve God, and the alluring deity of crass material prosperity (Matthew 6:24, NIV). The difficulty in having an allegiance to both is incongruent; it creates an unbalanced behavior, and can bring much suffering. However, we also must be careful in judging others in a manner that demeans them, and renders a person of lesser value. We need to check our human criteria for determining the worth of others. Because we are not the Creator, but the created; we must follow our Lord’s command to “treat others as we would have them treat us.” When Philip told Nathaniel; he, Peter, and Andrew had found the Messiah, Nathaniel listened intently. However, as Philip told Nathaniel that this Jesus was a Nazarene, the son of Joseph, Nathaniel demurred. He quickly said, “Can any good come from Nazareth?” For many years Nazareth was considered a simple, back-water town. Nothing or no one was expected to do “any good,” who came from Nazareth. Philip realizing the off-handed remark Nathaniel had made about Jesus, invited him to “Come and see for yourself.” It was only after Nathniel took a step beyond his own biases, that he realized Jesus was more than good. He was the Messiah. All who Jesus is, and what He gives, is infinitely better than what others say against Him. We are blessed when we take the step to see for ourselves who our Lord is!

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