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The history of the family of God at Concord Church is similar to other churches organized by African Americans who migrated north from the southern United States. In 1916, sixteen Christian believers gathered for prayer in the home of Sister Lydia Glover, who resided at 14 Northfield Street in Boston. Each of these individuals assembled was inspired to serve God according to Biblical principles and Christian teachings. The group grew exponentially and realized the need to establish a more suitable place of worship. This bold move led to sustainable worship, outreach, and mission activity, which culminated in what is now the Concord Baptist Church of Boston in Milton, Massachusetts.


Concord Church exists for three distinct reasons:


  1. To proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, and to share His message of hope in the world.

  2. To help individuals reclaim and cultivate a relationship with God as originally intended.

  3. To empower God’s people through discipleship, fellowship, the proclamation of the Word; and, to foster Christian formation and social responsibility.


We strive to be a congregation, exemplifying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ by being:


* An Inviting people

* A  Word affirming people

* An Empowering people through the Holy Spirit

* A   Discipling people, seeking to bring reconciliation and liberation to the lives of all.


Concord has been blessed through the leadership and vision of six pastors since its founding:

The Reverend William Dabbs



The Reverend Arthur J. Spratley


The Reverend Charles G. Adams



The Reverend James Coleman



The Reverend Owen Cardwell



The Reverend Dr. Conley Hughes, Jr.1988-Present

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