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Pastor's Column 7/16/2023


“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”

I Corinthians 4:2, NIV

“Faithfulness Still Works!”

We are living in times where the shift in thinking is often radically different from what the Scripture teaches. This really is nothing new; because human nature seems impervious to principles and moral values which can be beneficial to the good of all. Granted there are many systems in life that deprive people of their personal freedom, value, and dignity; and these should be held to accountability, if not destroyed. However, we should always retain those ideals, teachings, and principles that make us better at who we are, and what we do. The Biblical ideal of “faithfulness” to a given task entrusted to us, seems obsolete in our current age. The Apostle Paul embraced the task God had given to him as an apostle; and he reminded Christians that whatever task we’ve been assigned, we should be faithful. The term simply means to be trustworthy, loyal, and true.” In one English translation of I Corinthians 4:12, the Christian is referred to as a “steward.” This word means literally, “The manager of the house.” Interestingly, steward is from a Greek word which also translates into “economics.” I believe the Scripture is saying whatever your assignment is in life, you “should manage your affairs well.” It says further, we must “remain faithful to the task to which God has called us.” I believe it’s a wonderful thing to applaud and encourage each other to remain faithful to the assignment each person has been given. In an age of fleeting values, faithfulness still works! Some years ago, I was in a meeting in Washington, DC, and a special guest was Vice President Al Gore. Someone asked him about the economy. Rather than give endless or flattering numbers, Mr. Gore reminded us that the term economy came from the Biblical word for steward. He then said, we are all responsible for “keeping the financial house of the nation in order.” Faithfulness in what we do is what God expects from each of us. We should not merely expect others to do our work; each of us must be found faithful in what God calls us to do. Paul believed his responsibility as an apostle, was no different from our own.

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